The most well remembered dates are those ones that are exceptionally romantic ones. Have you ever forget the time when you watched the coolest movie for the first time since you were a kid? We’ll in dating, the coolest movie was the most romantic. One simple trick about dating is to go casual. The more casual you are, the more comfortable your dating partner will be. As if it’s like you’re just at home sitting on the table having a regular chat with someone, a girl to be in particular.

In meeting with your dating partner, the very first thing is to complement the way you are both dressed. Of course, if you are dating, you will have to ask yourselves if you are comfortable enough to have a theme on your date. Not all dates are romantic though, some are adventurous, funny and just plain talk. You can flatter each one but remember, don’t flatter too much. It’s gonna end up either one of you feel uncomfortable.

Being simple and opening up your sense of humor will definitely start stirring things up. And to some experience, taking time in exchanging conversations about things you like, your job, hobbies and families is the best way to start it all. Just remember don’t hurry things up, you can go romantic and a bit closer when you have dated each other for three to four times. And don’t consider each other having serious relationships yet.